3D Rings and Bracelets


Around words or signatures, a concept of amusing rings or bracelets has been created with a 3D software and a 3D printer. The current technology allows to manufacture objects in various materials from plastic polymers to some metals. IDS has chosen a flexible plastic to propose low-cost everyday jewels, or steal for a more vintage look. Composition in silver—always generated with a 3d printing technique—are also drawn to satisfy your wishes.

NEW: for smaller budgets, rhodium-plated rings are now available.


Designs • Projects

Designs • Projects

The working method is simple:



Here are various projects and virtual views conceptualised alone or in collaboration.

IDS proposes custom-made services to tell your story; by listening to your wishes and needs.

IDS sketches your pieces of furniture and creates your own elegant and innovative jewels with a hand-written or a peculiar lettering.

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