IDS Interiors • Designs

IDS proposes custom-made services to tell your story; by listening to your wishes and needs.

IDS sketches your pieces of furniture and creates your own elegant and innovative jewels with a hand-written or a peculiar lettering.

Bienvenue dans le monde d’IDS pour de nouvelles idées et un petit “grain de folie” à travers ses inspirations et son blog. 


Qu’est-ce qu’y vous inspire et vous fait rêver? Contactez IDS pour vous laisser guider vers votre intérieur idéal, celui que vous aimez et qui vous correspond.

To create an interior looking like you…

Tell your story by describing your needs, your way of living and your personality.

Don’t hesitate to change codes and modify your point of view to get a unique interior.

IDS Interiors • Designs


Your home,
Your story



Welcome to the world of IDS for new ideas and a little “touch of madness,” through its inspirations and its blog.


Submit your requests. IDS will gladly answer.